Tips for how to install home security lights

Last Updated : July 18 2017

Tips for how to install home security lights

by Erick Shaffer 2017 July 14

Tips for how to install home security lights

The need of home security system is increasing along with the increasing number of crime. One of the most popular security systems which are available for you today is security lighting. It has a motion detector which can be easily installed to existing light fixtures. The following are some step of installing security lighting onto the existing electrical source and the

The first thing to do is to look for correct fuse or breaker to an exterior light you are going to use with the electrical project. Turn off the fuse or breaker and then use a voltage tester to make sure that the power is off. Take your new fixtures and look at the instruction to see how to install the fixtures. Prepare the fixtures to make sure that it is ready to use.

The next thing you have to do is to remove the existing fixtures to replace it with the new sensor light. You can start it by unscrewing the fixtures using screwdriver. After you have already removed the old fixtures, you can get the base of your new motion light. Give a sign to which your screws will go. If you find that the holes don't perfectly match up, you can put wood, masonry, or metal bit and drill where you have marked. Before you fasten the light, you should see the source wires through the middle base.

If you are sure that the base is ready, you can match up the source wire toy our new fixtures wires. Uneven and too long existing wires can be solved by using wire cutters and stripping the plastic off around  inch. Then, screw in the wire caps.

After you make sure that you have everything done nicely and tightly, you can put the light fixtures to the base to make sure that the rubber seal has been kept evenly before screwing on the fixtures. Then, turn on the power to see whether the light can turn on when you move across the sensor.

Factors to consider for having a good home decor with perfect lighting.

1. Determine Your Lighting Places:

When you are thinking of your home decor through lights, you need to fix the places where you are willing to install decorative illumination panels. Brightness gives a sense of enhancing colors and warmth of life through its beauty. Use lights through proactive ways to have superior living experience.

2. Lighting For Safety and Security:

You can fix the strip lights in the walkways and sideways of your home. It will surely enhance the safety and security of your home. You can do a little research on the internet to know the latest lighting techniques to increase the security of your house. Also, you can install flood lights in the corners of your home to improve the security at night.

3. Use Sconces On Your Exterior Wall:

Do not forget to install the sconces on the wall to get a strong lighting source. Not only better lighting, but it offers a better look to your home. That is why homeowners are extremely conscious in these days to install proper sconces in the different walls of the home.

4. Use Multiple Light Sources To Focus On One Thing:

One of the most popular ways to improve the overall appeal of your home décor is to install several lights to focus on a single decorative piece of art. It is a great idea to add a regal look to your home decor. Task lighting is a new trend to improve appearance.

5. Do Not Overlook The Need Of Night Lighting:

If you have kids or elderly members in your family then, you have to install several night lighting systems to improve their safety at night. You can install dim LED lights in the rooms of kids and elderly people. It helps them not to be scared at night and facilitates navigating through dark rooms.

6. Use Recessed Lighting For High Ceilings:

If you have high ceilings in any one room in your house, then you must install recessed lighting in those places. It will be the best option for your high ceilings. In fact, there are several kinds of directional LED lights available in the market for high ceilings. You can surely use those lights for your room.

Other than these, you can use chandeliers for living and dining areas. It will surely add regal appeal to your home décor. If you want to have a better home décor, then you may follow these simple tips to get your desired home décor at a reasonable price.

Here's a video to show you how to install home security lights.

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